best fucking band of all time period

RIP RICKY KETIH (1986 - 2014)

After the tragic disappearance of a dear friend at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in 2014, a ragtag group of Nashville-based performers set out to create an album in his honor- an album as unique and free of inhibitions as their beloved pal Ricky had been. 

Enter The Hot Tub Club. 

Their debut performance on NYE 2K15 at the world-renowned Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tn attracted the attention of the international music community and the local press. Who WERE these party animals? What did they come for? Were they SERIOUS? Was this some kind of inside joke gone awry?

A series of fleeting online singles and promotional videos kept the Internet Outrage Machine engaged, and a follow up performance at Mercy Lounge later that month (with Features, ELEL, & *repeat repeat; also sold out) sealed the deal. It wouldn't be long before they were wow-ing crowds of 3K while opening for CHINGY on St. Patrick's Day. 

Then, on April 20th, 2015, HTC followed in the footsteps of contemporaries such as BEYONCE and KENDRICK LAMAR by dropping the SPRING BREAK FOREVER EP online without warning. A line was immediately drawn in the sand, and Americans worldwide were forced to face the inevitable hard truth that- love them or hate them- the Hot Tub Club were here to stay.

What is one to do when faced with such ultimate truth? It's simple, really. Might as well pop your top off, then get your dicks and pussies wet. 

It's how Ricky would have wanted it.

† SONGS 4 RICKY † (Goldtooth Records) will be officially released to the world at the 2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival via an exclusive invite-only performance that will be live-streamed worldwide.